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The Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Centre, Division of Youth Corrections, Department of Justice recognizes that employees have a right to work in a harassment and discrimination free environment. In addition, the organization wants to address workplace conflict in a fair, timely, and respectful way. To achieve this, a Respectful Workplace Program is being developed which will enable staff to address conflict in a positive productive manner.

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction and the closer that people work together, both in terms of time and intensity, the more likely they are to experience conflict. When conflict is brought into awareness, identified openly and working relationships are strengthened and effectiveness is enhanced. When conflict is unresolved or attempts to resolve it contributes to the problem, individuals suffer increased stress and reduced self-esteem, lowered morale and reduced effectiveness. Unresolved conflict can also lead to harassment when frustration increases and individuals feel helpless. The cost of unresolved conflict ranges from health problems for the individual which affect personal lives and family relationships to reduced workplace productivity and wellness