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The Commission is directed to divide the Province into 48 proposed 1-member districts. The Act provides that the Commission divide the Labrador portion of the Province into four proposed districts and shall describe the boundaries of those districts in such a manner that the proposed new districts conform as closely as practicable to the present districts. With regard to the island portion of the Province, the Commission shall determine the boundaries by obtaining a quotient for each proposed district by dividing the total population of the Province (except that portion of the total population living within the area of the Province comprising Labrador) by the number 44.

The Commission shall assume that the proportion of electors to the general population is constant throughout the Province. Where the Commission considers it necessary to do so, they may depart from the quotient not to a greater extent than 10% more or 10% less of the quotient. The Commission may also recommend the creation of a district with a population that departs from the quotient up to 25% more or 25% less of the quotient, where the Commission concludes that the departure is warranted by special geographic considerations.

The Commission will submit a report to the Minister of Justice setting out its recommendations concerning the division of the Province, the description of the boundaries and the name to be given to each district, which names shall incorporate the historical and geographical factors that the Commission considers appropriate.

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Last Updated: January 25, 2007