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Parent Information Program

FJS offers a three-hour parent group information session called "Living Apart...Parenting Together". This session helps parents make careful and informed decisions about their separation and any conflicts that may arise from it. It helps parents make decisions which will take into account the best interests of children.

This session is mandatory for parents who are involved with family court applications. Parents who are not going to court are also encouraged to attend. Each parent will go to a separate presentation. The session is not appropriate for children and FJS does not provide childcare so parents are expected to make responsible arrangements for the care of their children during this time

Topics covered at "Living Apart...Parenting Together" include:

  • The separation experience from both the child’s and the parent’s perspective.
  • Family Law information
  • Services offered by FJS
  • Children’s developmental issues
  • Communication skills
  • New partner issues

The sessions are delivered at FJS offices throughout the province. There are no fees charged for these sessions.

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